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Hi, I’m Guy DiMartino. I am a Northwest Indiana personal injury lawyer practicing in Valparaiso, IN. And I’m going to answer that question for you.

The best way to maximize your personal injury or car accident settlement is to avoid some of the biggest mistakes that car accident victims make.

Giving a Recorded Statement to The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

For instance, the other driver’s insurance company lull’s them into given a recorded statement and in the statement, the car accident victim gives too much information, misstates an important fact, or plays down their injuries. Car accident claims are all about credibility, so embellishing about your injuries or downplaying your injuries can hurt the claim. You are under no duty to allow the other driver’s insurance company to record you, so don’t do it. I have never seen the value of a car crash claim go up because someone gave a statement.

Failing to Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

You must follow your doctor’s advice and if you can’t follow his/her advice, make sure the reason for not following the recommendation is documented in your Valpo Indiana claim. If the doctor says “go to physical therapy” Go. If the physical therapist recommends three times a week, but you can only make it two times a week, make sure explain why you can only go two times per week. If for some reason you have to miss a week or two, provide a reason. If somebody passed away in your family, make sure that that is documented in the record.

Taking Off of Work

If you take off of work, make sure that you have a note and you have support from your healthcare provider. If there is nothing in the record regarding taking off of work, it will be much more difficult to get reimbursed for your wage loss.

These Are the Things that You Need to Do to Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement:

  • No gaps in treatment

  • Follow doctor’s advice

  • Don’t give too much information to the insurance company

  • Do not underestimate your injuries

  • Do not exaggerate your injuries.

If you have any questions regarding how to maximize your car accident claim, you can always reach out to me. I’m Guy, DiMartino meeting you at the intersection of law and medicine.

Generally, the value of your Valparaiso, IN personal injury is dependent on the nature and extent of your injuries. So, the answer the question is yes. Aside from increased medical expenses, surgery can increase non-economic or pain and suffering damages.

Injuries that Can Require Surgery After a Car Accident?

Car accident injuries that may require surgery can include:

  • Herniated discs in the neck and back

  • Broken bones

  • Damage to organs in your abdomen such as the spleen or liver

  • Injuries to the skull or brain

  • Injuries to the skin including burns

Some accidents have a higher risk of significant injuries such accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and semi-trucks. As an example, pedestrians and bicyclists have a higher risk of injury because they are not protected. While folks who are involved in big rig accidents are more susceptible to injury because trucks are very heavy.

Surgical Costs Are Damages that Can Be Recovered

An element of damages that can be recovered in a personal injury claim can include the reasonable and necessary cost of medical, hospital and surgical care. Surgery Costs can include the following:

  • The operating room costs, whether in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center

  • Hospital costs if the client is admitted

  • Surgeon’s fees

  • Anesthesiology fees

  • Pathology fees

  • X-ray fees

  • Home healthcare fees

  • Medication costs

In additional to fees associated with the surgery, there may be outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation or physical therapy fees.

Indiana Law Allows Compensation for Permanent Impairment and Future Medical Expenses

If you experience a permanent impairment as a result of your Valparaiso accident, you will be entitled to the reasonable and necessary costs associated with future medical care and pain and suffering damages related to your permanent injury.

How Can a Valpo, IN Personal Injury Lawyer Help Your Car Accident Claim?

I am a Valpo, Indiana car accident attorney. Ensuring that you have fair compensation for your personal injury claim can be a complicated process especially if you have to undergo surgery and are permanently injured. Insurance companies review medical expenses line by line and attempt to nickel and dime the charges. Additionally, they attempt to use databases to artificially assign costs to the medical care. The insurance company may challenge whether a certain treatment or medication is needed. Experts may be needed to determine and testify that the medical treatments were necessary and related to the accident.

We understand the tactics used by insurance companies. Yes, we know their playbook and underhanded tactics. We know the evidence that will be required to prove your case to a judge or jury, and will advocate for fair and adequate compensation for your injuries. Learn more about Valpo Personal Injury Claims HERE

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