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Summer is close. We are seeing a lot more motorcycles riding along the lake front. Here are a few safety tips for avoiding accidents.

Valparaiso Motorcycle Attorneys: Law of Negligence

Motorcycle crashes are filed and prosecuted under Indiana’s negligence law. To prove negligence, a victim of an accident has to prove four things: (1) duty (2) breach (3) causation and (4) injury.

Valparaiso Motorcycle Attorneys: What Are Your Duties as A Driver?

Every driver on the road in Indiana has a duty or responsibility to look out for motorcycles. If you are driving, Indiana law requires you to act reasonably. This is called the “duty of ordinary care.” Essentially, this means that you must drive and operate your vehicle in a manner that is safe and in a manner that avoids injury and damage to others on the roads. This duty extends to pedestrians, motorcycles, other cars and bicycles. The duty of ordinary care has several components including the duty of:

  • Keeping control over your vehicle;

  • Watching out for other vehicles on the roadway, including motorcycles and bikes;

  • Changing how you drive because of the current weather conditions or lighting conditions; and

  • Anticipating potential dangers – that’s right – defense driving!

If a careless driver breaches his or her duty of ordinary care, they are negligent. And, if their negligence causes an accident, then that careless driver will be liable for all resulting injuries and damages.

Valpo Auto Accident Attorneys: Motorcycle Safety Tips for The Bikers

Tips for the motorcyclist include:

  • Wear your helmet – even though there is no helmet law in Indiana;

  • Wear protective clothing — leather clothing, boots and gloves for safety;

  • Ride with your lights on — believe it or not it matters;

  • Wear bright colors;

  • Anticipate other driver’s actions during rush hour;

  • Be more careful at night;

  • Follow the rules of the road;

  • Start from the point of view that other drivers cannot see you.

  • Avoid blind spots especially with semis;

  • Ride in groups if you can;

  • Alcohol and drugs don’t mix well with motorcycles.

Click here for a Consumer Reports article or click here for safety tips from the Illinois State Police.

Valpo, IN Auto Accident Attorneys: Motorcycle Safety Tips for Cars

Remember there are more motorcyclists on the road now that the nice weather is here;

  • If you see a motorcycle, keep an eye on the biker;

  • If you saw a motorcycle a minute ago and then they’re gone – the bike is probably in your blind spot.

  • Avoid the knuckleheads on bikes who are riding dangerous and weaving in and out of traffic;

  • Leave room for motorcycles in front of you, because they are more susceptible to losing control if they hit road debris or gravel, this will give more room to stop if the bike in front of you loses control because of the roadway.


If you have any questions about a motorcycle accident on I-94 or along the lakefront, Contact Guy DiMartino Law and we will explain your legal rights.


Common Motorcycle Accident Mistakes

Michigan City motorcycle accident lawyer discusses the 5 mistakes that new motorcyclists make that cause accidents.

Indiana saw over 3400 motorcycle crashes in 2010 . Many new riders think that riding a motorcycle is going to be easy. They become overconfident in their riding skills before they’re even put to the test. But just like driving a car or riding a bike, proper motorcycle riding techniques must be learned. By smart riding and cutting out the following new rider mistakes, a lot of Northwest Indiana motorcycle accidents can be prevented.

  • Failing to take a motorcycle safety course: In Indiana, a person can get your motorcycle license by either taking a road test or passing a motorcycle safety course. Taking a motorcycle safety course is one of the most important things a new biker can do. New riders could save themselves a lifetime of misery by taking a few hours to learn the information that is provided in a safety course.

  • Misjudging corners: Motorcycle accidents frequently happen when a rider misjudges a corner. Motorcycles are heavy and have a lot of power. New riders often take corners too quickly, too wide, or at too high of a gear, leading to bad Northwest Indiana bike crashes. By understanding the bikes center of gravity and characteristics, the chances of spilling your motorcycle by cutting a corner too short of laying your bike down is greatly reduced.

  • Giving in to peer pressure: Friends have a lot of influence over one another, especially when one is more experienced at something than another. Not all peer pressure is bad, but if your friends are pressuring you to do something that threatens your safety just let it pass by. You see, there is no substitute for experience on a motorcycle, and if your friends have spent a lot of time on their bikes, they just have a much better feel for the road and know how to handle the bike better.

  • Failing to see hazards on the road: As a new motorcycle rider, it is important to watch for pot holes, slippery metal plates, gravel, debris and freshly oiled roadways. If you can’t safely navigate around hazards, remember to maintain a controlled throttle and a firm but relaxed grip on your handlebars.

  • Pushing their riding abilities: There is nothing better than being on your bike, feeling the power between your legs, and cruising down a country road with the wind rushing through your hair. Whether you are riding alone or with friends, there will come a point when you may be tempted to ride too fast to safely control your motorcycle. You should think twice before you start speeding down one of our country roads. Remember, many times motorists just look right past and through motorcycles coming down the road, and if you are speeding, your reaction perception time is reduced giving you less time to avoid a potential accident.

Motorcycles are great fun but they can be very dangerous when crashes occur because riders are just not protected. If you have any questions about a Northwest Indiana motorcycle crash, call a Michigan City motorcycle lawyer at our office at (219) 874-4878.


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