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Semi-truck accidents are different than car accident because there are many different players. Many times the tractor is owned by a leasing company and the driver is actually purchasing the tractor. Also, the trailer may be owned by another entity and there can also be issues with the materials that the truck is carrying. With all these people or business involved, an injured party is more likely to get the run around as the parties try to avoid liability and save money. Overlaying all this is Federal trucking law, which puts a number of requirements on truck owners and drivers. These federal records are very important when pursuing a case, and as time goes on the information has a tendency to be destroyed.

Semi-truck accidents can get more complicated if the accident occurred in Northwest Indiana because our Interstate Highways, I-94, the Indiana Toll Road, I-80 and I-65 are major highways for trucks to travel across the country. So imagine this scenario, the truck driver lives in Missouri, the tractor is owned by a company in New York and the trailer is leased through an Illinois company. The accident could have happened in Valparaiso Indiana but all other participants are from out of state.

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The average person may not need a lawyer for a simple car accident; however, every injured person needs a lawyer to assist them with a truck accident case because these claims are much more complicated.

A person injured in a Valpo, Indiana truck accident may be compensated for hospital and medical expenses, lost wages or loss the ability to earn money in the future, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life. To file a claim, you should get the professional help of a Northwest Indiana truck accident lawyer.


Examining Truck Accidents In Valpo, Indiana

It’s not rocket science to see that when you’re driving on I-80/I-94 there are a gazillion trucks. These trucks jack knife and cause accidents every day. I recently received this question from a person injured in a truck accident. She wanted to know how she could make sure that she would get a fair settlement after an Indiana Truck Accident?

This may appear self serving but the best way to make sure that you will receive a fair settlement in an Indiana truck accident is to at least consult with an attorney and here is why:

Injuries in truck accidents are often severe. The large size and weight of these trucks means that passenger cars are often totaled on impact, which increases the likelihood of significant injury.

There may be many additional parties involved. Aside from the trucker who hit you, you may also have to deal with the trucking company, the trailer company, the person who loaded or maintained the trailer, and insurance companies for all these potential parties.

The Trucking Company’s Insurance Plays A Role

Many trucking companies are self-insured up to a certain amount of money. This means the initial money paid out on the claim will come directly from the trucking company’s checkbook, which can directly impact the company’s profit.

The trucking company and the insurance company do not want to open their checkbooks and cut you a check for a fair amount. They will do everything in their power to minimize your recovery like disputing that the truck driver was at fault for the accident and/or your injuries are not as severe as you say or are not related to the crash.

Unlike car accidents, which many folks can handle on their own if they choose to, it is not true for a truck accident because there are so many moving parts, which adds multiple layers of complexity.

In closing, if you want to make sure you receive a fair settlement for your Valpo accident, you should at least have a consultation with a lawyer and learn about the specific actions that you can take to protect yourself.

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